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  • How Has the Rhinoplasty Procedure Evolved?
Dr. Ryan Greene: Rhinoplasty has re-evolved from being a more reductive surgery where a lot of cartilage and bone was removed with less emphasis on breathing and functional outcome and it’s really evolved towards a more structural approach where there’s more rebuilding of the nose and more maintaining structure or still removing some components that maybe [inaudible 00:00:28] for instance. I think that there’s continued evolution towards that and towards achieving good functional outcomes as well, patients who can breathe better. I think patients now are hoping for that as well. Patients who come see me don't always just mention they want their nose to look different, but they like to breathe better also. So I think that there’s been a change in that respect. I think patients now are looking for more natural aesthetic. I think doctors are delivering that more now, too, because of that patient demand. Many, many years ago, even decades ago there was almost patients that mind being known that they had a rhinoplasty and they that had a rhinoplasty look to their nose, maybe with the more taken off from the top.

I think now, at least the majority of patients that come to see me are looking for the natural look where it doesn’t look like they’ve been operated on, where it looks like it was a nose that they’ve been born with. That’s what I use to tell patients. I want to give you a nose that looks like you’ve been born with it. I think that’s really been a huge trend in this day and age. You can see that even with celebrities who have rhinoplasties done. I think that they are also looking for a natural noses now. To compare celebrities of today versus celebrities 20 years ago, there’s been a significant shift in aesthetic with rhinoplasty.

How Has the Rhinoplasty Procedure Evolved?

Dr. Ryan Greene discusses how Rhinoplasty has evolved from a reductive surgery towards a more structural approach with rebuilding of the nasal structure.