I think the top three things about getting a facelift are who's doing your surgery, what are the results and what are the safety parameters of a lift. We want surgeries that are done safely and effectively, and most importantly we want a natural result. A natural result is paramount because we don't want to change the appearance of someone. I just want to augment what the person has already.

And so if an average patient in my clinic is 65-year-old female and they have some jowling or some laxity around the jawline, some cording or banding, and fullness of the neck, reestablishing a clean jawline particularly if you saw someone on a camera on a side view so the angle between the chin and the jawline ... really refreshes the appearance, lifting up the jowls, really restores a heart-shaped face. And in doing so, gives a more youthful appearance.

...around the ears extremely well as are the ones on the chin. And they allow me toe effectively tighten the facial musculature, lifting up the face and restoring a clean jawline without having to tighten the skin too much and create that artificial pulled look. Once the muscles are tightened, the extra skin is removed under the chin which is the double-chin and I love that fat because that fat is a beautiful filler and it's free. Suppose I'm throwing the fat out, I often put it back in the cheeks creating an [inaudible 00:01:30] or the apple cheek. It restores a heart-shaped face. Sometimes I'll put the fat in the lines around the face or even on the eyebrow area. And so let's re-utilize.

The excess skin is removed and I do not use any staples on my surgery. I use fine, little sutures closed in layers and I think the results are beautiful.

Restoring the lower face is one of the most important things I think for achieving rejuvenation, because people look at the eyes first, and look at the jawline, and around the mouth area. If we just do one area, again we're lacking the connection of the full face. So restoring that beautiful jawline really will set the clock back about 10 or 15 years and should last about the same time.

Laser peels do something different than a facelift. The facelift helps to restore the jawline and the neck line but doesn't really help with the lines or the [inaudible 00:02:27] around the mouth, the vertical lines or smoking line, the kissing lines or the crosshatching of the face. It also doesn't help with brown spots. I can incorporate very advanced lasers and combine different lasers and different technology to customize the laser at the same as a lift. And that could polish the skin, tighten connective tissue and elastic tissue, and remove lines and wrinkles to a great degree. It's fairly permanent while making the skin look, again, 10 years younger.

When you do an eyelid tuck along with a lower face lift and polish the skin so that it's smooth and wrinkle free, the results could be spectacular.

Top 3 Facelift Considerations to Save You From an Unnatural Result

Getting a facelift done is not an easy decision to make so Dr. John Fezza takes a few minutes to talk about considerations, scars, and how to get the most from your procedure.