For thin skin under the eyes, there's several different treatments, and there's no right or wrong treatment. Depending on the person, we have to individualize that treatment. It really requires a consult, to come in and for me to assess your needs. Some people that have thin skin have extra herniation of fat creating shadowing effects. Sometimes that fat has to be dealt with surgically, either removed or added to. Then other folks have thin skin but are much younger and sometimes they can be amenable to fillers or putting volumizers so that I blend the lid/cheek junction better without surgery. Then for the skin itself, there's different advanced laser technologies, whether it's a full ablative laser or what we call a fractional laser which resurfaces only a fraction of the skin to tighten up the skin and reduce some of those fine lines.

Thin Skin Under the Eyes? Try These Treatments

Dr. John Fezza understands that some patients may be hesitant to get an eye procedure done due to thin skin but he has a few options for these patients that may surprise you.