Many patients that have lost a significant amount of weight deal with new challenges on their body from all the excess skin that occurs from massive weight loss. The number one area of concern that I see patients who've had either bariatric surgery or some different weight loss is really excess skin localized in their tummy area. Oftentimes that excess skin can extend all the way back to their waist and their buttock area. Usually the number one line of attack for or treatment plan for this excess skin is a procedure called Circumferential Body Lift also known as a Belt Lipectomy. That procedure is essentially three procedures in one. For the front portion of the tummy, it's really a tummy tuck or an extended tummy tuck. For the waist it's a waist lift or a Lateral Thigh Lift. For the buttock, there's some options for buttock contouring including a buttock lift and a buttock augmentation using the excess skin and fat that normally would be thrown away to help contour and augment the buttock shape.

Surgical Options to Remove Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss

Doctor Bob Basu discusses surgical options to remove excess skin after massive weight loss.