The Sientra breast implant is basically a breast implant and there are different types of Sientra breast implants. So the first thing you need to understand: in the United States there are three major breast implant manufacturers available on the market today. In the United States there are three breast implant manufacturers that are available on the market place today. One is Allergan, one is Mentor, and the other one is Sientra. These are all Sientra implants here.

Breast implants today come in saline, which is salt water-filled implants, silicone gel implants, and they come in varying degrees of thickness of the gel, so cohesivity. And the gels and the saline both come in textured and smooth surfaces.

Sientra makes a full line of implants. They make smooth round implants, which are saline and silicone. They make both. They make textured round implants that are saline and silicone, both. They make different profiles, so low profile, moderate profile, high profile versions of the same implants. They also have a full line of anatomical shaped implants that have varying heights, varying widths, and varying projections.

That's what a Sientra implant is. It's basically not one implant; a whole array, a spectrum of approved implants that are available in the United States and even more so worldwide that allow you to customize and fit the right size implant into your body to help shape your breast, the appearance and the expectation that you're looking for.

Sientra's Breast Implants Allow For Customizable Options

Dr. Kaila discusses Sientra implants and all of the options available, from saline and silicone to textures and smooth and more!