Dr. Sanjeev Kaila: Okay. So let's talk a bit about how to correct a sagging breast with a lift and implant. So, like in Tammy's case, as a lot of women's case, she had significant sagging. So she had these different grades of what we call ptosis, or breast sagging. As a medical term it's called ptosis, and grade one is when the nipple sticks out but it's still at the level of the fold, the inframammary fold. Grade two is when it actually starts to go below the fold but still sticks straight out, and grade three is when it starts to point down and is below the fold.

So Tammy was pretty much a stage three. She was between kind of two-and-a-half, two and three. It was pointing down, very saggy. So with a lift, our main objective is to take that nipple and pull it back up and then take the breast tissue and push it back up and then get rid of the excess breast tissue on the bottom that's sagging. That's what we did with Tammy. We did a very unique lift where we took some of that breast tissue and pulled it up to the top and closed the remainder of the breast down.

It gave her naturally a lot of fullness, almost like an implant. We then placed an implant underneath that to give us a little more projection and a little more fullness. And it wasn't a very large implant that we put in because, again, Tammy, as you heard her say, she didn't want to go very large. She wanted to stay in proportion with her body, so we put a small implant in that was textured, so integrated, and then closed everything up.

The first few days are a little stiff, a little tight, and things settled. In terms of pain it's pretty well-handled, especially with an implant and lift and implant. The incisions itself healed very well over time too. Again, they continue to fade away. A lot of women are worried about an implant. Implant incisions are pretty minor but they're worried about lift incisions and they're worried about the scars of the lift. In Tammy's situation we were able to kind of reduce the nipple size and balance it better. Were the scars worth the trade-off for the change in shape and size?

Tammy: Initially I didn't want any scarring but when you have the lift, I could care less. They're sitting how I want them to sit. Over time the scar fades, and as far as the pain I tell a lot of women, "If you've ever had a baby and when you're breast feeding and the milk is there and it's hard and it feels kind of heavy, that's exactly how that feels." Any woman who had a baby, it's not worse than that at all. It's like I would say from what I was expecting the pain to be and what it really was was nothing what I expected. I would do it again tomorrow if I had to twice over.

Sagging Breasts Come in 3 Stages

Dr. Sanjeev Kaila explains the different levels of breast sagging and how it can be corrected, whether with a lift, implants, or both.