Dr Luis Villar: If somebody needs a mastopexy which is a lifting of the breast, then I will do that as a separate operation. I will not put implants in of the same time because a lift operation is a shrinking operation and an implant operation is a stretching operation. When you do the lift and put the implant and at the same time, you're looking at 10% to 15% complications which could include draws of nipples and nepresses of the flaps and if you do them separately, your complication rate is about 1%. When the mastopexy heals, you'll get better scars because there's no tension underneath the repair, then you can wait a few months until everything softens, put your implant in and that will give you your best results typically. A lot of patients want the convenience of the single operation but they're going to suffer a higher complication rate.

Should I Get Breast Implants When Get a Breast Lift?

Dr. Luis Villar explains why he doesn't add implants when doing a breast lift procedure.