If they say that they want monstrous breasts, then my opinion deformed then I refer them to another surgeon that does monstrous breasts that are deformed. We prefer what we call classy but juicy which is a natural breasts that's full and you really can't tell that it's fake and it has a nice, natural cleavage, so that's our classy but juicy category. Some people want a more athletic breast so then we do a little bit smaller, but you cannot create the breast you want surgically so what you have to do is you have to have to consider what does the patient have to work with.

So what we'll do is after they tell us what they want, we'll tell them what's within realistic expectations after we analyze their situation and then they have to decide whether or not we're a good match and then what we'll do at surgery actually is we'll make a pocket for our implant and we'll put sizers in it and what you do when you enlarge the breast, it comes out symmetrical at first then the bottom can't stretch anymore so the top starts to bubble up and eventually the nipples go over the cliff. So what we'll do for classy but juicy is increase the breast until it deforms either at the top or the nipples start to tilt and then will back off one size and that will be the biggest implant that will fit in that particular patient depending on what her anatomy is. And that's what we call sort of a full C - small D type of look. If you push it over to the limit, then you're going to deform the breast and they won't look natural. With some people like [inaudible 00:01:51] we prefer to stay away from that.

How to Choose the Right Size Breast Implants

Dr. Luis Villar discusses how to achieve "classy but juicy" breast sizes with implants.