The important thing about breast augmentation is that every single patient is different so you have to customize the surgery to the individual patient. So for instance, if you have wide space breasts, then you want to go on top of the muscle. So then your choice is silicone implant because saline implants wrinkle more than silicone so you have to hide them under the muscle. But if you place implants under the muscle on wide space breast, then you're going to have a very wide gap where you can put your hand between it.

You have to release the muscle that attaches to the breasts so you have a jumping deformity of the breasts. So if you use silicone, you can go on top of the muscle and you can get a nice cleavage and you can get a nice transition and that will give you the most natural breasts on that particular patient. On the other hand, if you have somebody that has perfect breasts but just small, you can go over the muscle under the muscle silicone or saline and you'll get a relatively similar result. So you really have to select the patients and determine what's best for the individual patient.

Why Is Placement Important For Breast Implants?

Dr. Luis Villar discusses why breast implant placement is important and how the different types of implants affect those placements.