A septoplasty is an operation to straighten or relieve obstruction from the wall that essentially runs down and divides the nose into two sides. So there's a wall that run straight back to the back of your throat and that's the septum. It's lined inside. If you put your finger in, you can feel that on both sides. And for many people that gets bent in some fashion so that as the air comes in, it's obstructed or doesn't go through the way it's supposed to. And the septoplasty is designed to be able to pick up the lining cover, adjust the cartilage and then put the cover back on and have a straight line and a good airway.

Septoplasty Surgery Straightens a Bent Septum, Clearing the Airway

A septoplasty--surgery on the septum--deals with the mechanics of the nose and nothing cosmetic. Dr. Verne Weisberg explains how it's done and why someone might choose this operation.