People are often asking me how they can get a natural look with any surgery that we have and certainly every surgery that I do, my goal is for people to look as natural as possible. We don't really want somebody to be looking at you and go, "Oh, why you had your nose done?" Right? That doesn't really do well. We want you to look like that's the nose you were meant to have. So there are a couple of ways of approaching nasal surgery and it's really on an individual basis. Some surgeons only do surgery from inside the nose with all the incisions and scars inside the nose. Others always have at least a small scar just underneath it. It's really in an invisible area that heals really well. And it really depends on your training and your comfort.

Coming from a background of otolaryngology, that's ear, nose and throat training before I did my plastic surgery training, I'm comfortable with both of those ways, those approaches of addressing the nose and also the airways so that people can breathe properly as well as look good. You know people often ask me, how do I know what doctor to go to for my rhinoplasty? For example, some surgeons don't deal with the septum. Some people only do septal surgery and don't deal with the appearance. It's important to go to a board certified either otolaryngologist or a plastic surgeon who has experience with noses, feels comfortable with nasal surgery and feels able to adjust or do work on the septum in case the nose needs to be straightened.

Rhinoplasty: The Journey To a Natural Looking Nose

Rhinoplasty is a delicate and artistic procedure, so Dr. Verne Weisberg explains the importance of maintaining a natural looking nose, the two different approaches to a rhinoplasty surgery, and how to select the best doctor for your procedure.