Male Voice: Technically with liposuctioning, we remove the fat cells in the areas that are treated. However, just like with any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, liposuctioning is not a hall pass from exercising and healthy living and good nutrition. Of course, if you don't lead a health-balanced lifestyle and eating at a fast food place three times a day for a month straight, you're going to gain weight back. Now it may not technically come back in the areas that we've liposuctioned, but there is a possibility that the adjacent areas could regain fat. So it's very important after you've healed from your liposuction to continue healthy lifestyle patterns such as a good nutrition and continue with exercise daily.

Will the Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

Dr. Bob Basu discusses what happens post Liposuction. He explains what happens if you gain weight after Liposuction and if it will appear in other places on your body.