Dr. Kimberly Lee: When we use an implant, implants normally come pre-made and even if they're cut and fashioned to the patient's nose, I've taken out so many implants from people of all different types of materials, Silastic, silicone, Cortex, Medpor, it's just an unnatural appearance. I had people coming in because the implants have moved, they shifted, they're coming out, they actually see the boundaries of it. I had a patient where the implant actually came through the skin of her nose. You can see the implant when you look at her and this is all not an attractive appearance. People usually don't undergo surgery to look worst than they normally do. I really think that to minimize the risks of infection, migration, extrusion and rejection from your body is to use your own tissue. So I prefer to take cartilage from your own ear for example, dice that up, take a piece of tissue from your body and get a nice, smooth result because your body is less likely to reject that and get that infected.

Considering a Nose Implant? Why One Doctor Advises Against It

Dr. Kimberly Lee talks about the various nasal-sculpting options, adding why she prefers to use the patient's own cartilage over an implant.