Dr. Kimberly Lee: We're so focused on collagen because we see the effects of the breakdown so prominently and everybody is talking about anti-aging. Everybody wants to do whatever we can to pump ourselves back up. When I think of ourselves as young people I think of us as grapes. We're healthy, we're plump, we have a lot of volume. As we get older we lose that volume we turn to raisins. Just because you got the skin off of a raisin you're not a grape again, you've got to revolumize and that's where that concept of collagen comes in. We've got to revolumize as we were then so that we would gain that youthful appearance, and so that's why we keep talking about collagen. Now there's a lot of different ways we can try to stimulate the collagen. There's not one great answer. I think it works in conjunction with a lot of things. You can't just do one thing and expect all of a sudden look 20 years younger, it's probably not going to work. You need a multidisciplinary approach.

When It Comes to Anti-Aging, It's All About the Collagen!

It seems like everywhere we turn, we're hearing about collagen! Dr. Kimberly Lee explains how promoting natural collagen production is big key to looking younger.