With Asian Rhinoplasty I think the most important thing is the different approaches to Asian Rhinoplasty. So a lot of Asians will come in and they are not looking to look Caucasian or westernized, they just want to take what they have and just be a little bit more enhanced, enhance their appearance. Usually they're looking for three things. They want to raise the bridge of their nose, they want to refine the tip and they want to decrease the amount of flaring they have in their nostrils when they smile. So those are the three most common requests that patients come in for. Generally speaking there are three different approaches that I think of when I look at an Asian Rhinoplasty. When you have a young girl who doesn't want surgery, one approach is to do a non-surgical Rhinoplasty.

Now there are some limitations to that in that I can't decrease the, or refine your tip. I can't decrease the size of your nostrils. However I can build up the bridge, I can build up the tip a little bit and give you a little refined appearance with that. When we're talking about a surgical approach to the Asian Rhinoplasty we're talking about two different things. One is placing an implant which is very easy to do, very quick in the operating room. However I find that it doesn't give you as natural a result as is when I use something from your own body. So when I use cartilage and tissue from your own body I feel like we can get a superior result that looks much more natural. So we use that to go ahead and build up the bridge, refine the tip, and then we'll go ahead and narrow the nostrils. And that gives a very enhanced result that is still balanced with the rest of your face and looks very natural, still makes you look like you're Asian. The most important thing when you're doing a non-surgical Rhinoplasty is the skill of the person injecting you. So when we do injections the most important thing to know is the anatomy of the nose.

There's a lot of vasculature, a lot of anatomy in that area where you have arteries that we can't really, we should not be injecting into. Because if you do some of the complications can be quite detrimental. We're dealing with necrosis of the nose where you don't have a blood supply to your nasal tip. It can really disfigure yourself. So when we're talking about a non-surgical Rhinoplasty you really want to go to somebody who understands that anatomy. Being a facial plastic surgeon, that's all I do, I deal with the face. And it's really important to know that anatomy so we can get natural looking results while doing minimally invasive techniques.

Top 3 Common Requests From Asian Rhinoplasty Patients

As with any ethnic rhinoplasty, the Asian community has certain characteristics that are unique to them. Dr. Kimberly Lee stresses the importance of giving the patient what they want while retaining those individual traits.