I've used Botox for migraines for a long, long time, long before anyone knew about it. I'm also a neuro-ophthalmologist by training, and we use Botox for eyelid spasms, and we used it between the brows for that as well.

We started noticing many years ago that patients weren't getting their migraines when they were getting their Botox treatments. And I can also tell you that I used to get migraines. The minute someone said, "You know, you might not have lines between your brows when you use Botox."

I ran in the back room. I knew how to do it. I'd been doing it for years. I gave it to myself, and my migraines went away. So long before the studies came out and proved it, we all talked among ourselves, and we all realized that it was really a very effective treatment for that.

Everybody is different, but for the most part, treating between the brows tends to be one of the more effective places to treat migraines. There's a lot of theories why that may be happening. None of it has been proven yet, but one of the theories is that migraines are on a continuum from tension headaches to migraines, and when we relax those muscles, we break that cycle.

Botox is a muscle relaxer, and anytime you want to target any specific muscle to relax it for whatever reason that might be helpful, we use that. We use that when patients that have thyroid eye disease and their eyes are too open. We use a little bit of Botox to lower their eyelids so they're not open too much. We use it for a lot of fun things.

No More Migraines! Botox Is the Miracle Drug For Many Migraine Sufferers

Millions of people around the world suffer from regular migraines and Dr. Nancy Swartz explains how she has been using Botox for this off-label treatment for years and how it really works.