In anti-aging treatments, wrinkles come second to volume loss.

Most of my patients think that the reason that they look older as they get older is they get wrinkles. They all notice that their faces are sagging a little and they focus on their wrinkles and they want that treated. But, we understand that, that the reason that people look older, is that they lose volume in their face and most of what they're losing is fat and when you put back that volume... and fillers are wonderful way to do that, it's very easy and patients can watch the results happen as they are being done and it's part of their decision and then it's really a lot of fun. But, when you fill back the face, you regain the contours that you had when you were younger.

In Anti-Aging Treatments, Wrinkles Come Second to Volume Loss

For years, Dr. Nancy Swartz explains, wrinkles were being targeted as a way to reverse the clock. That is, she says, until the real issue was discovered: volume loss.