The types of facial procedures that I offer include, lower face and neck lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, and brow lifts. I do offer some lasering as well for skin resurfacing. As far as the lower face and neck lift, that procedure is done usually under a general anesthetic.

There are several different techniques that I use and I like to individualize those depending on what the patient needs. I like to focus on the neck, and I like to focus on the jowls. What makes me stand out is that I can always ensure an extremely natural looking result. Also, in the face and neck lift, the recovery time is fairly quick. I would say in a week to ten days those patients can be back to pretty much normal activity, wearing makeup and going about their daily activities.

A lower face neck lift can really take many, many years off a woman's appearance. As we age, the tissue gets a little bit droopy, a little bit saggy in the jowl area, in the lower face area of the neck that skin can get really loose. By doing that procedure, it really can turn back the clock sometimes up to ten years. Once again, I always reiterate to my patients that there's no way they're going to have that altered smile or artificially pulled look. Their face is going to look natural. It's going to look rejuvenated like they did ten years ago without having that stigma of a pulled look or unnatural smile.

The other area that I focus on very closely is the earlobes. Sometimes the earlobes can look a little pinned or a little bit pixy and I would always take extremely special care to make sure that those earlobes look very natural, especially for women who do want to wear ponytails.

Natural Face Lift Results: Don't Forget the Ears!

Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh details how to achieve a natural, refreshed outcome from your facial procedure without the pulled look.