Dr. Diana Breister Ghosh: As far as body contouring there are several different procedures I do offer. Starting from top to bottom, a mastopexy or a breast lift is something many women after massive weight loss want to correct. The other procedures include tummy tucks, buttock lifts, and thigh lifts. In addition to those procedures, liposculpturing can also be a nice tool to help get the final contour that we're looking for. In this particular class of patients it's a particularly satisfying area for me. I see people that have lost up to 100 lbs. and even though they've lost this weight and they're thinking they should feel fantastic, they're feeling self conscious because what they have is a lot of extra skin that is causing problems with clothes they wear, the things they do, working out in the gym. So the procedures that I do, brachioplasty which is an arm lift, thighplasty which is a thigh lift, it can take away excess skin in those areas and that can be very rewarding because it changes their entire outlook on how they finally feel thin.

Plastic surgery in body contouring definitely requires a patient to be, you know, committed to a life long healthy changes in their life. Many times patients embark on an exercise routine and they lose weight. They are healthy but they still have some problem areas that need to be addressed. I always encourage patients to lose as much weight as they can to get to their goal weight and at that point we can address their problem areas whether it be a saddlebag or a little excess skin on their tummy area. Then the procedure can be done and then the patient can go right back into their healthy exercise habits and eating habits. They always work very well hand-in-hand and I always encourage that in my patients to not look at plastic surgery as, you know, a one time solution to their problem but it's a whole lifestyle change that continues them on a path to feeling their best and looking great.

Giving a Massive Weight Loss Patient Their Dream Body Is "Particularly Satisfying"

Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh talks about the struggles of the leftover skin following a massive weight loss and how she can address that in the OR.