Dr. Bob Basu: Well, there are several options for buttock augmentation. For the massive weight lose patient who may be opting for a body lift, they have a lot of excess skin around their waste area. In those procedures, we can perform what's called a Buttock Auto Augmentation. Essentially using this excess skin and fat and basically using that tissue, keeping it attached to it's blood supply and placing it inside the buttock to naturally augment and shape the buttock using their own tissue without an implant.

Now for other patients who may not have all that excess skin there are other techniques available such as the Brazilian Buttock Augmentation where we can take fat and carefully liposuction it from areas where they had excess fat, process that fat and then inject the fat in to the buttock mound sculpting the buttock with liposuction but injecting fat where fat needs to be to give a nice rounded contour. That's called the Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Procedure.

Buttocks Volume Loss After Massive Weight Loss

Doctor Bob Basu discusses treatment for volume loss in your buttocks after massive weight loss.