It is very safe to have combined procedures in one setting. Whether you're a good candidate for these combined procedures will really depend on two things: the procedures that you need, and the length that it's going to take to perform these procedures, and to your overall health status. We'll look at your past medical history, your past surgical history, and any medical issues that you have that we may need to manage or further work up.

In combined procedures, we'll determine how long it will take for us to complete these surgeries. Patients who have combined procedures can often go home the same day, or if it's a longer procedure, we may recommend an overnight stay. We perform all our combined surgeries in an accredited setting, whether it be in a hospital or an accredited surgical facility to make sure that all measures are taken and make sure it minimizes risk and optimizes your safety.

Is it Safe to Have Multiple Procedures in One Setting?

Dr. Bob Basu explains that it's very safe to have multiple procedures in one setting. He discusses who is a good candidate for combined procedures.