Options for labiaplasty include the labia minora which are the inner lips, the labia majora which are the outer lips and then the clitoral hood area where you could have reductions in that area as well. As far as techniques go with the labia minora , which is the more traditional labiaplasty, when you think about that, there are two different techniques. One is to trim the edge off, which is what a lot of people have on the website when people are asking about that. The other technique is the wedge technique, which is like taking a piece of the pie out of a part and then pulling the edges together. The wedge technique is what I prefer. It's much safer, it gives a much more natural look and if you again look at all of the different results on RealSelf, most of the bad ones are from a trim technique.

Recovery after labiaplasty involves no intimacy for six weeks. Being careful with the wound care and activities, and pretty much just letting nature take its course with the healing process. Working after labiaplasty, it just depends. If it's a sit down job and you can avoid the pressure on there, you can probably go back to work in a few days. If you're standing all the time, it's a little bit tougher because of the swelling can get a lot worse due to the dependency of the area. So it really depends on what kind of job you have.

Labiaplasty Procedural Options

Dr. Curtis Wong explains which areas of the labia can be addressed in a labiaplasty, the difference between the trim and the wedge techniques, and what to expect during recovery.