Breast lifts are best in patients who have gone, undergone some kinda atrophy or sagging of their breasts. Usually, this happens after having children, breastfeeding. They're usually the ones who will benefit the most. But there's other people, no kids, they're just a little overweight. Their breasts tend to droop a little bit with time, and they can benefit, too.

The only problem with breast lifts is it involves scars, and you have to be willing to accept the scars that come with the different procedures. Your surgeon should be able to offer you several choices as to how to achieve a certain look. You know, if they only offer one, I would at least wonder why.

A breast lift involves re-positioning your nipple and tightening the breast tissues so that the breast looks like a perkier breast. A breast reduction, a lot of the same scars, except that you're just removing tissue, but the overall appearance and scars are very similar in the end result.


Breast Lift For Sagging Breasts Post-Childbirth or Weight Loss

Dr. Curtis Wong notes that while a breast lift can work wonders, consumers should know that there will be noticeable scarring.