With size and with augmentations all, I believe in use of external sizers. It's worked for me. Some people criticize it, but my patients have been or the vast majority have been very satisfied with how close they've come to achieving what they saw when they had a sizer in their bra in the office. My patients are involved in the massage process. I believe in that, that they can help manipulate the position and the look of their breast by doing massages after surgery, so they kind of choose massage as much as they have to. But when they reach that desired point, then they start supporting their breasts. In my practice, I allow my patients to resume full activities three weeks after their augmentation is done, and that's assuming that everything goes, you know, according to plan; that there were no complications or issues with the healing process.

Breast Implants: Size, Shape, and Recovery

Dr. Curtis Wong discusses his approaches to breast augmentation sizing and the post-op regimen.