Dr. Jerome Obed: It’s mostly all about being [inaudible 00:00:15] to the sun and just being as proactive as you can. You know, we live in Florida and our practice is in Florida so we don't want people to be miserable and to fear the sun, but it’s all about this being sun-smart. It’s about using the proper sun protection, reapplying it when necessary and just being aware. One of the common misconceptions that we see is that people feel that at a day where it’s a little cool or a little cloudy that the ultraviolet rays are not strong and they’re not going to cause damage, but in fact, that’s when we see some of the worst sunburns. It’s during those days because people are a little more lax and aren’t using the proper protection. Interestingly as well, regarding like the glass, most people are aware that glass you’re putting in your car has some photo protective components specifically against the UVB rays, but the ultraviolet A rays aren’t blocked for the most part by glass. So it’s important to be protective whether in a car, whether at the beach, really just on your daily routine.

How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Skin

Dr. Jerome Obed discusses how to prevent sun damage to your skin.