Dr. Jerome Obed: Non-surgical treatments for specifically in the eyes. There are a lot of treatment options. The first two things we always discuss with every patient, number one is sun protection, of course. It’s to not have any additional damage occur, but also, topically, like first line would be a topical Vitamin A cream like the retinoids. The common name are like Retin A, Tazorac, Differin. Those are the only products truly proven to stimulate collagen production so they actually do help in keeping the skin healthy and just much more cosmetically elegant preparations that really work to keeping you youthful. That’s, again, a non-invasive technique. Then as you g o up the ladder, the much more invasive procedures, of course, include the fillers, which can help stimulate collagen and also keep the skin looking healthy, but also chemical pills as well would do that. There’s also cosmetic lasers, of course, from resurfacing lasers, specifically CO2 lasers and they all work to actually also stimulate collagen production and kind of do some skin tightening as well.

So it’s all about how much dine time you have, what your finances are as well, but there’s a lot of technologies now and a lot that your dermatologist can offer to do really great things with your skin.

Help for Saggy Eyelids

Dr. Jerome Obed discusses treatments for saggy eyelids.