We get so many questions about how should I pick the right breast implant. It really is confusing and I think people are now able to get so much information off of the internet that they come in knowing that we have multiple different shapes, different sizes. We have textured. We have smooth. We have round. We have teardrop. We have saline. We have silicone. And to pick the right type of breast implant is not something the patient should have to do. There are so many factors that go into the final result, which include your rib shape, how much breast tissue you have, the natural elasticity of your tissues, whether we are going under the muscle or over the muscle. That really is the surgeon’s responsibility to guide you in what's going to look the best. Your job, I think, would be to come into the surgeon with some really solid ideas of what you want as the final result so he knows how to help you pick the best implant to make you meet your goals.

One really good way to do that is to get online and go to some of the websites that have breast implant surgery patients before and after surgery. Find pictures that you like, print them off and bring them into the surgeon and it's just as fair to find pictures you don't like and bring those into the surgeon and explain what you don't want to have. It will help you understand what it will take to get the result you need.

How to Choose the Right Type Of Breast Implant

Doctor Ronald V. DeMars covers what factors go into the process of choosing the right type of implant.