Sizing concerns, or sizing, is the most common question, and it's a very important question. The way we help you pick the right size is using two different modalities. Number one, we're going to take measurements of your chest wall, and use a technique called dimensional planning. What that is, is essentially during your consultation, I'm going to take measurements of your chest wall width and your chest wall height, and other measurements to determine a range of implants that will fit well for your body type. Again, our goal is to get you a very natural look that you going to get that non-operative look.

We also want to hear from you, what your subjective thoughts are, because let's face it, a C cup to you maybe a C cup definition to me is very different, so we need to hear from you the look that you want. The second way that we figure out what implant's right for you is we actually have you do a sizing process. We have a whole range of sizer implants. We have a special sizing bra, and a sizing system, and you'll get a chance to pick one or two implants that will give you the look that you want.

Now, as long as what you pick fits into the range of what we think is body proportionate, based on those measurements, we'll go with what you would like. It's very important for us to hear from you subjectively the look that you want. Of course, if you pick something too wide, we're going to guide you with our measurements to go with something a little bit smaller. At the same token, if you're picking something a little too small and we need something to fit your chest wall a little bit better, we'll guide you to go a little bit bigger.

So, the bottom line is that we use anatomic measurements to make sure we get a body proportionate look, but we also want to hear from you so that you can guide us to achieve a look that you want.

How Do I Choose the Right Breast Implants Size for Me?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses how to choose your breast implants size, the importance of keeping the implant size proportionate to your body and the process used to decide.