Sagging is a real common problem, particularly in moms' phase. First, we have to examine you during the consultation, and we'll determine whether you have mild, moderate, or severe sagging. Depending on the degree of sagging will really determine what procedures we’ll recommend. Oftentimes, if the sagging's really mild, we may be able to correct the sagging with a dual-plane augmentation technique, which helps to lift up the breasts a little bit. Of course, if the sagging's a little bit more or the sagging's severe, then we're really going to need to talk about some form of a breast lift. We try to do some of the limited scar techniques, where we can hide the scar around the areola, or perhaps a lollipop scar, also known as a circumvertical technique. Again, it will all depend on the degree of the sagging.

A common question is, "Can we do an augmentation and a lift at the same time?" The answer is yes. Of course, it depends on the severity of sagging and your overall health status, but it is very common for us to do an augmentation and a lift safely in the same setting.

How Can Sagging Breasts Be Improved Through Cosmetic Surgery?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses what determines the appropriate Breast Lift technique depending on the severity of breast sagging.