Assuming she had some type of enhancement to her buttocks, it could be many different ways, there's three ways. There is using gluteal implants, liposuction with fat transfer, or as they say, they Brazilian butt lift, or unfortunately the illegal injections, which again, we're seeing a lot of that even happening in the United States by not only illegal doctors, but also non-doctors. In Miami, we had the cement person injecting the buttocks. These are very dangerous items. Again, you need to see your board-certified plastic surgeon, let him decide which is best for you; whether it's a gluteal implant or liposuction with fat transfer and when it's chosen to be the liposuction, you want to go to somebody with some experience.

How Can I Get a Butt Like J. Lo?

Dr. Darryl Blinski describes two procedures surgeons use today in order to give their patients a fuller, rounder, perkier buttock.