[Music playing] It's a nonsurgical face lift, where we're injecting some type of filler whether it's hyaluronic acid or Radiesse which is hydroxyapatite or fat, a lot of fat grafting. Than we also use Botox for the paresis it causes. And now, more recently with my liquid face lift, I've been doing some dermaplaning or radio frequency external, therme smooth as an example or the Dermapen, Rejuvapen, there's a bunch of different external little Dermapens. It's a one minor procedure, most of the times straight local or no local, less than an hour, fast healing, and it gives them a bit of a punch. It does not replace the surgical face lift, a mini face lift, in between face lift, and a full face lift. So you have to talk to your board-certified plastic surgeon, and anesthetic plastic surgeon, to see what you're a candidate for. If you need a little pick me up; this will be a perfect, perfect answer for that.

Liquid Facelift: Non-Surgical Treatment Combinations

Dr. Darryl Blinski explains the recent hype around liquid facelifts and how this non-surgical combination approach can provide a "perfect facial pick-me-up."