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SmartLipo is laser lipolysis. It's using the YAG laser on different nanometer wavelengths. There's three from the SmartLipo Triplex that I use: 1064, 1320, 1440 wavelength. It is a way of melting fat and slightly tightening skin. It's been around probably in the U.S. since 2006. We use it in combination with other lipos; the traditional or superficial, so it's an add-on. But you do seem to get faster healing in my opinion. Less black and blue or ecchymosis and less swelling and getting people seeing the result much faster. SmartLipo to me is more of a sculpting. That's not for taking large volumes of fat. It's more of a sculpting the area, getting some skin tightening, getting a quicker result.

Smart Lipo Melts Fat and Tightens Skin

Dr. Darryl Blinski explains Smart Lipo and how patients can achieve a more sculpted result without invasive surgery.