Now why would we do a full facial rejuvenation and how is that different than splitting them up? Well, in some cases, your eyes are old and face and neck are old, so if you just did your face, you'd have an old face and people would still say, "Why are you tired?" Or if you did your eyes and brow, that looks rejuvenated, but your neck has the wrinkles to it. Sometimes it's really better to do them both so that you get that complete rejuvenation all at once. And also, the second reason would be recovery.

If you do it in stages, you have two recoveries and a face lift recovery is maybe seven to ten days by itself before you can go out and really be normal. Well, it does add a little time if you do it all. It's probably now 10 to 14 days, and I'll be honest with you, it's a little harder to go through. The first few days are a little bit harder, but the reward is often just fabulous. So always consider when you go in, it may not be right for you, but if it is, the full facial rejuvenation is often the way to go.

Here are some before and after pictures that will show you what I mean. We've got the first lady, you're looking at her right on the front end and you'll see how her brow is down, she's got hooding on her eyes, she's got wrinkles underneath her eyes, she's got that gobble neck you see. But then when you see the full facial rejuvenation, her eyebrows are up, her eyes are open, she's got a light in her eye now. Her angle of her mandible, her jowls are better and you can really see the jowling here on the side view. What you see is this side view here with this very loose neck and the jowling and the face lift tightens that neck, improves the jowl, improves the fold, recreates the cheek and pulls that brow up some.

Full Facial Rejuvenation

Doctor William Alison discusses full facial rejuvenation.