Dr. William E. Alison: The front view, you can see the lady in her bathing suit. You can see she doesn't fill it out. You know with a bra or in clothes you can get the push up bras and the padded bras, and you can cover. But you really can't do that in a bathing suit.

So, you can see in this front view with a conservative implant, she looks great. She looks very normal and natural. On the three quarter view here, you can see she has no projection. And with conservative implants, she's got nice shape. And this gives her excellent symmetry that can really make her feel more confident and look nice.

The thing about breast augmentation is that it really gives people a sense of security, and they feel good about themselves.

Normal and Natural Breast Augmentation Results

Doctor William Alison shows how a conservative breast implant can give your a normal and natural shape.