Dr. William Alison: So when you first start to see that sad look, that tired look, everybody says you look so tired, that's probably your eyelids, your brow, or both. Sometimes the eyelids can be covered by insurance but usually it's a brow problem first. I want to talk to you about the endoscopic brow lift. It is not the brow lift at all where they made that cut that went all the way across your head. This is a surgery that's used an endoscope. It is a little lighted tube with a camera like a video game. We look on this screen right here and we are looking at this screen and we are looking at your skin underneath your brow. So we can release all those muscles that cause you frowns and all the wrinkles can be adjusted. So that is what an endoscopic brow lift is. When you look at these before and after pictures, you can see that there's a really heavy brow.

You have got that hooding on the outside of the eyes. And after a brow lift, with incisions you surely can't see, you can see that the lateral brow is elevated, the skin over the upper eye lid is trimmed so you get a nice round eye so you don't have that heaviness that you see in the pictures of the before and after. So that is one of the first things that women see and want to do, sometimes as early as their thirties.

Brow and Eyelid Surgery

Doctor William Alison discusses brow and eyelid surgery.