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Facial rejuvenation comes in many forms. It depends on what age somebody is. So nowadays, less is more. So people come in at different stages. A lot of times, if it's somebody earlier in the aging process, it's just about prevention. If it's a little re-freshening, maybe it could be just a little volume fill. So prevention could be some of the fillers, the Botox, neuromodulators, and the fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. And then when we step it up, sometimes, it's upper eyelid lift or the eye lift, sometimes fat grafting for volume. So aging is sometimes the combination of loss of volume as well as loss of skin elasticity. So sometimes, less is more, so a little volume fill; sometimes a little excision of skin in the eye area.

As we progress in age, sometimes the brow is starting to come down; and maybe a little brow lift and maybe a little mini face lift. You know, in the old days, people used to get it all done at once. They waited until they were 60, 65. They got the eyes, they did the brow lift, they did the face lift all at once. Nowadays, you know, less is more and it's a gradual. Aging is gradual so we address it as it comes along.

Facial Rejuventation With FIllers or Invasive Procedures?

Dr. Chester Cheng advises consumers on whether injectible fillers may be the best course of action for their aging face or if they may need to consider more invasive procedures.