[Music playing] Body contouring takes many forms, so body contouring can include liposuctioning. There is volume, kind of a mild distribution of fatty tissue. We can contour and shape the body, that's a long term effect. So when we alter the proportion and distribution of fat, it's a long term effect. And that relies on skin elasticity. So if somebody has loss of skin elasticity, then we have to address excess skin with like an abdominoplasy or what is known as a tummy tuck. And there are many tummy tucks and full tummy tucks. Depending on how much excess skin there is or where the excess skin is determines the mini versus the full tummy tuck. There's also muscle plication which can address the abdominal muscle wall. So there's different things that we can address with the different procedures. We can also address umbilical hernias or ventral hernias, diastasis of the muscle layer during the tummy tuck procedure.

Body Contouring Comes in Various Forms

Dr. Chester Cheng talks about the various areas of concern that can be addressed during body contouring procedures.