Dr. C. Bob Basu: The perfect example to talk about non-invasive and invasive -- we're talking about non-surgical and surgical -- is facial rejuvenation. When I talk to my patients about facial rejuvenation, patients that wanna look younger, more refreshed, we always talk about three things. We talk about non-surgical options. We talk about surgical options. And we talk about skin care. When we talk about non-surgical, we're talking about botox, fillers. I would probably put fat grafting there as well too. These are more minimally invasive procedures that don't necessarily involve a big surgery but office space procedures that you can go back to work that afternoon with minimal downtime. But there are some limitations of what non-surgical procedures can do. And therefore it leads to the discussion of surgical options. We're talking about upper eye lid lift or a mid-face lift or a face and neck lift. Sometimes non-surgical things cannot do what non-surgical things can do. But surgical things actually have better results when you're adding on non-surgical intervention. So they go hand in hand. It's not one or the other. And of course for facial rejuvenation, you have to talk about skin care. Because if you're tightening things up, you're lifting things up but your skin has sun damage, you're not getting the best results. There's a lot of different non-surgical options and non-invasive options for skin care that your plastic surgeon's office will talk to you about.

Facial Rejuvenation: How to Know When Invasive or Non- Invasive is Right?

Dr. Bob Basu discusses what the possible non-surgical options, surgical options, and skin care options, exist for facial rejuvenation.