Hi. I'm Dr. Gavin Sandercoe. I just like to spend a couple of minutes talking about facial cosmetic surgery. All specialist plastic surgeons are trained in facial cosmetic surgery as part of what we do everyday as a reconstructive, uh, practice, and that's... it goes over to all our cosmetic as other things. Often I see patients that, that think that they know what they want and that's great. But sometimes I have more global view of what's happening with the face. It gives a specialist plastic surgeon a better idea of what's really causing the problems. So often an upper eyelid problem is really something to do with the brow and a lower eyelid problem is often something to do with the cheeks. When you're selecting your, your specialist plastic surgeon to look at your facial rejuvenation, make sure that they've got a broad sense of what can be done. So often things that patients think require an operation can be touched up with fillers with anti-wrinkle injections. And sometimes, you know, temporizing with that until you're ready to undergo a bigger procedure, a more invasive procedure is a right thing for patients. All, all surgeries, real surgery comes with the risks, and surgery through the face is no exception. And sometimes the risks in the face are much greater than they are elsewhere. Make sure you see a specialist plastic surgeon about your facial cosmetic surgeon. I would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to discuss their options with us.

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Selection: What You Should Know

Dr. Gavin Sandercoe touches on a few key points that every consumer should know when vetting for a facial plastic surgeon.