Hi, I'm Dr. Gavin Sandercoe, and just like to talk about, uh, facial reconstruction. Specials plastic surgeons are involved in the reconstruction of facial problems or deficits after trauma or after cancer. We, uh, are trained in working out what will work from local tissues, and when tissues from other parts of the body need to be brought in. And when sometimes you need to use, uh, artificial or biological devices to, to get what you're trying to achieve.

My main interest in this is reconstruction after Skin Cancer and after effectual trauma. I find it very gratifying to take somebody that's been involved in a bad car accident, has a bad, broken face and to reconstruct their face and put bones back where they need to be, and re-address the soft tissues so that things are sitting right. So that by the time everything is healed and, and the scarring is process is over and done with, within about six months, you can't tell that they have actually been involved in that, um, bad injury.

Skin Cancer's a big problem in Australia, and you do need to see a specialist plastic surgeon about your reconstructive options. There are a lot of dermatology practices and general practices out there that are doing a really great job at, at identifying a Skin Cancer and treating some of the more minor ones. However, if you need to have anything, uh, cut out with a scalpel, have a good think about whether you should be seeing a specialist plastic surgeon to make sure that your result is as good as it possibly can be.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery Following Trauma or Cancer

Dr. Gavin Sandercoe discusses facial reconstruction following cancer and trauma.