Eyelid surgery is usually the area of the face that patients come in wanting rejuvenated, first of all. It's the area that ages the most quickly and it's also one of the high impact areas. As you know, people tend to look at each other in the eyes and judge how tired you are, how friendly you are, whether something is bothering you, so it's a good idea to have that as nice a presentation as possible. The ways of treating that for the upper lids are to make a scar right along the crease here and take the excess skin and, if possible or necessary, the excess fat away. And for the lower lids, we make a scar right under the eyelashes and then out into the crow's feet area. We then take the excess skin and fat away.

With eyelid surgery, the bruising lasts for the upper lids about a week to a week and a half, but for the lower lids, about three to three and a half weeks. Most of my patients, if they can wear makeup, can go back to work at about two weeks. The stitches are taken out at five days. You can shower and shampoo the day after surgery. There's not much pain with any of those procedures for the eyelids, forehead, or face and neck lift.


Eyelid Surgery To Improve the Face's Overall Presentation

Dr. Elliot Lavey discusses the benefits to eyelid surgery in brightening the face's overall impression as well as appearing more awake and attentive. He also reveals the incision process for correcting a droopy eyelid and under eye puffiness.