A lot of patients are talking about an isolated neck lift or cheek lift. For most of us, our cheeks and neck age at about the same pace. There's an excess amount of skin. We lose our elasticity. The skin goes downward and inward. In the cheeks, it gets caught over here and over here. In the neck, it goes all the way to the center. I think the key is to do a very natural repositioning of the skin. Pull it back just as if you were looking in the mirror, most of us are able to figure out what looks best. So that's what I do. I make a scar, usually over here, at the crease between the ear and the cheek, over the edge of the ear, on the back of the ear, and into the hair. Sometimes I'll go under here to improve the neck muscles and take away excess fat.

A Facelift Collectively Rejuvenates the Neck, Cheeks, and Jawline

Dr. Elliot Lavey explains that while some patients may only be interested in a neck or cheek lift, a full face lift is often more beneficial.