The difference between a brow and a forehead lift is considerable. For example, with the brow lift, you just take a crescent of skin from above the eyebrows and that lifts them up. Oftentimes, that gives a very strange, supercilious appearance. I've done it for a few elderly patients, but those are ones who just need a very limited amount or would benefit from a very limited amount of rejuvenation. For most of us, the whole forehead descends, so it's better and much more natural to lift everything up. You can do more and it's a much more long-lasting, natural appearance.

There's not much pain with that. The stitches are taken out at about a week. You sleep with your head elevated on a wedge pillow for one week. You can shower and shampoo the day after surgery. Bruising is minimal in the forehead even a day or two after surgery, but it does go down to the lower eyelids, where it gets caught. There is a connection between the skin and the bone here, and you get a collection of bruising in the lower lids that lasts for about three or three and a half weeks.


Brow Lift vs. Forehead Lift

Dr. Elliot Lavey explains the difference between a brow lift and a full forehead lift.