Patient's ethnicity is a critical portion of who they are. And some patients want to retain certain characteristics that maybe attributed to ethnicity. So, that you have to get outlined beforehand, how much of a change they want, and what particular features of their nose that they would like to have changed. So it comes down to a thorough consultation. Any patient should know that the doctors had experience in doing these types of procedures before and a doctor willingly shows photographs of a large number of patients, and in particular, patients who are going to have a similar type of procedure performed in terms of ethnicity or in terms of revision rhinoplasty, should definitely see pre and post operative photographs.

The amount of swelling and bruising in a standard rhinoplasty, which lowers the nasal dorsum and narrows the nose, is probably going to be a little more than you would find with a rhinoplasty that's concentrated on the tip. Generally, very little bruising in that situation. Or as you may have bruising, it may take about 10 days to two weeks to go away.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Maintaining a Patient's Ethnic Traits

Dr. William Hart explains that it is increasingly more important to maintain the ethnicity of a nose when performing an ethnic rhinoplasty. In this video, he describes the procedure, how to choose a surgeon, and what to expect during recovery.