Dr. C. Bob Basu: So one of the known risks of any of the abdominal contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck is a fluid collection that can build up behind you tummy tuck side. This is called a seroma, which is a collection of your own natural body fluid. You don't want that fluid to sit there. So one of the ways that we prevent fluid collections or seromas are using what's called drains. Drains are little plastic tubes that are placed below your incision to gently suck out that fluid that allow your tummy tuck skin to heal down to their underlying surface so you get a nice flat result. Nobody really likes the drains because they tug at you. Some people describe them as kind of gross. But it's kind of a nuisance. They're not painful but they are a nuisance to many patients. But it's a necessary nuisance to prevent what we call a seroma. Drains are generally taken out on your first follow-up visit which usually occurs about day three to day five and your second follow-up visit by day seven to day ten. So within about a week or so, your drains are removed.

Drains or No Drain for a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Bob Basu explains how a drain will help prevent seromas from developing after a tummy tuck.