Whether you will need to stay overnight really depends on a couple factors: number one, your health status. We'll review your past medical history and your overall health status. Number two, whether you need to stay overnight in a hospital will be determined by the number of procedures and the length of your surgery.

If you're just having a tummy tuck, and you're otherwise very healthy, most of my patients are comfortable to go home the same day, right after surgery. A tummy tuck can be performed as an outpatient surgery. However, if we do add another procedure, say we're doing a mommy makeover and we're doing a breast augmentation and a lift with a tummy tuck, we may recommend an overnight stay because the length of the surgery may be longer and you may need a little extra help with your recovery immediately following surgery.

Do I Need to Stay Overnight in the Hospital After a Tummy Tuck?

Doctor Bob Basu discusses if you need to stay overnight in the hospital following Tummy Tuck surgery.