For deep lines around the brow, there are several options certainly for those younger patients that definitely need surgery or older patients who can't have surgery due to medical reasons or they are just very active. There are non-surgical options like botulinum neurotoxins. There's three FDA approved ones. There's Botox. There's Dysport and there's Xeomin and they're really all effective and all FDA approved to soften and neuromodulate or relax the muscles of the forehead. In relaxing the musculature, we're able to smooth the skin and make even more relaxed or really more refreshed appearance. The injections really take only a couple of minutes. The results are temporary. They last about only three to four months on average. If you're active or very young, that's a good option. Older patients who suffer from more ptotic brows or droopy brows from descend over time, often have wrinkles because they're actually raising their brows to see better and so there's some functional component to that along with their aesthetic component and a brow lift sometimes help.

Deep Forehead Wrinkles Smoothed Out With Botox

Dr. John Fezza explains some interesting reasons why forehead lines appear and how Botox can help.