Dr. Bob Basu: Compression garments are really important after liposuction surgery. I always tell my patients that when you go home the same day or the next day after liposuction surgery, you'll look at your result and you'll be very happy. But the next day you're going to look at your result, you're going to wonder, "Hey, Dr. Bass you didn't take out enough." You're starting to swell. So what's really important is compression, compression, compression. Compression garments are a critical piece of the post operative care plan after any liposuction procedure. How long will you have to wear those garments will really depend on how much we've liposuctioned and the number of areas we've liposuctioned. As a general rule, I will tell you that you'll probably need to wear compression garments for at least four to eight weeks depending on how much liposuction we've done.

Controlling Swelling with Compression Garments

Dr. Bob Basu discusses the use of compression garments for swelling after Liposuction. It is an important component in your post-operative care.