So a lot of patients are really concerned about whether the skin cancer is going to go into their body or go into their lymph nodes and spread. For the most part, many of these, when they're caught early, can be treated with, like I said, a 99% cure rate with most. So, that's the fantastic part about it. Again, there's no cancer treatments that we know of that have that high of a cure rate, and so that's really reassuring to the patient once they find out. Sometimes, they'll go online and they’ll see some really terrible pictures and terrible stories and think that's going to happen to them, but really, with this technique, in particular the mole surgery, we're going to take out just the smallest rim of healthy skin until we're going to get out the cancer, leave as much healthy skin behind, and then I’m going to do the reconstruction all there in the office. They don't have to go under general anesthesia so it's a very safe procedure for them, and they're usually pretty reassured once they do that.

Building Confidence in Mohs Surgery

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses how effective Mohs Surgery can be, and how this extremely high cure rate is reassuring to patients.