Dr. Shawn Allen: So to be an exceptional Mohs surgeon, you really have to take several things in account: one, you have to be able to cure the cancer, and know how to analyze it, and get that cure rate, so that is a 99% cure rate, which is what's unique with Mohs surgery. No other treatment in the world, for treating cancer, has a 99% cure rate. So this is the beauty of Mohs. And then, the next part of that, is really being an artist, when it comes to reconstructing the patient. And so, you have to really understand the anatomy, and noses are a particular area that my practice has a lot of, and that's because most of the cancers happen on the nose. And it's also because it's a very challenging area. And so, somebody with expertise is really who you want doing that repair at that time.

And so, with me, I always study the nose, before I operate. Before I remove the cancer, I really try to define what their nose looks like, and analyze it. And then, when I do the reconstruction, I take into account function and form. So I want to make sure that they maintain the function of their nose, as well as get the optimal cosmetic outcome.

The Art of Mohs Surgery on Facial Features

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses treatment options for reconstructing parts of the face after Skin Cancer. He discusses the medical background necessary and also the art that goes into achieving the best cosmetic outcome.